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Calling all mature women lovers, welcome to my page dedicated to Milf Hunter, where all the milfs are drop dead gorgeous, with the nicest boobs, the roundest asses and a hot fascination for big cocks. Lets face it, the goateed middle-aged hunter banging these hot milfs its not the best porn actor, not even the average one, but ohh man, those milfs, you gotta love those milfs! Most of them leave you speachless with just a big boner in your pants, wanting to cum all over their sexy faces and big boobs. Over 350 milfs to chose from...fuck thats huge! So for you reading those lines, I've put up this page dedicated to the official site, page where you'll find free milf hunter videos with what I consider to be the very best models from milf

Milf Hunter: Adriana Deville

cougars in heat Adriana Deville preview image

Adriana has it going on. This hot MILF was doing what ladies love to do, shoe shopping. She was all ready horny being surrounded by so many shoes. Sean being the hunter that he is, just played along. We finally got her in the back, and she gave in. She was definity into feet becasue s…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Amy

cougars in heat Amy preview image

MILF, MILF, MILF, MILF… is all you should be chanting! Because as soon as u see this weeks Milf… U will know why I am world Famous! I saw Amy outside the Chucky Cheese, smoking a cigarette… and I knew that she was in need of some good ACTION! As soon as I cruised up on her, I knew the…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Austin Kincaid

cougars in heat Austin Kincaid preview image

Austin is a phone sex operator MILFhunter met a while back. She must have been getting bored or something cuz she gave the Hunter a call. A booty call to be in fact. Her hubby wasnt home so Hunter was there in under 30 minutes. Just like a pizza delivery man 30 minutes or less or its …[read more]

Milf Hunter: Ava Divine

cougars in heat Ava Divine preview image

Me and a buddy of mine decided to stop and get some hot dogs after we spotted Ava, a mommy with monstrous mammaries! I introduced myself, broke the ice and convinced her to invite us to her place. While her husband was away the hunter did play! I slid my own hot dog into her buns and …[read more]

Milf Hunter: Brenda

cougars in heat Brenda preview image

I wanted to decorate my new condo so I called this super hot interior decorator, Brenda. As soon as she came through the door I knew we werent going to get anything done. All I wanted to do was shove my cock into her interior. I think the only decorating that took place was me putting…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Brooke Tyler

cougars in heat Brooke Tyler preview image

Hunter here once again bringing you the best MILF prey America has to offer. I saw Brooke pass by me while I was having a drink with my buddy Ficus. She was the career woman type and I knew I had to impress her before she would even give me the time of day.... U cant miss out on this …[read more]

Milf Hunter: Carolina

cougars in heat Carolina preview image

figured I would try and head out to the mall and do some shopping and check out the eye candy. So we get into this store and there is this bad ass counter chick there. Carolina was quick to attend to us. This fiery latin babe had a huge set of tits that had me drooling. I kept cool th…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Christina

cougars in heat Christina preview image

Today I had a new scheme I wanted to try. I wanted to find a hot MILF and tell her that I am photographer. LOL. I told her I have been twenty years in the biz. I even went as far as even getting business cards printed. Me and Ficus took her to the beach and I started to take pix of he…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Darryl

cougars in heat Darryl preview image

This time we took the "Hunter" to Cali. He brought his dog along for the trip and he needed to pick-up some things for him at the local pet store. We were doing a little shopping when we met Darryl. Smoking M.I.L.F. She had just gotten a puppy, so she was doing some shopping of her ow…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Diamond Jackson

cougars in heat Diamond Jackson preview image

My ebony MOMMAs are hard to come by. So when they do come around they always seem to remind me why I love them so much. Take Diamond here for example. She was the Complete Package. Ass, tits and an immense freak. She kept talkin dirty and I gotta admit I had to work hard to keep my nu…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Dylan Ryder

cougars in heat Dylan Ryder preview image

The Milf gets it on...Even on Vacation..This man is truely a master of getting the woman he wants and he just proved it again how easy it is for him to do so..His prey was Dylan..A sexy mom alone taking pictures perfect for the hunt..When the Hunter spotted her and took care of that s…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Francesca Le

cougars in heat Francesca Le preview image

The SEX demon has returned. This time it has possesed a sweet old mommy by the name of Francesca. We have no idea when it got her cuz she was real easy going and timid when we met. But once those clothes came off...she was a new person. Her oft profanity laced mouth only got the Hunte…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Harley

cougars in heat Harley preview image

I headed up north to see what the Big Apple had to offer. Mike and I were doing some x-mas shopping when we saw Harley, one hot MILF, walking into a toy store! I thought I had died and gone toMILF heaven man! This mommy had sexyness dripping from her. I convinced her to come back to o…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Havana

cougars in heat Havana preview image

When hunter asked me to meet him at the beach and to bring my cam, i just knew he had a hot milf in his scope. I watched as he hooked up with havana, a sexy real estate appraiser with double dd hooters and a nice round latina ass. He convinced her to come to our crib for an appraisal …[read more]

Milf Hunter: Heidi

cougars in heat Heidi preview image

Sometimes you need a little luck on your MILF adventures, and on this day thats exactly what happened. I put out an ad to sell my my Porsche and low and behold Heidie comes to my door. Heidie turned out to be rich housewife with certain means of persuasion. She knew what she wanted an…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Holly Halston

cougars in heat Holly Halston preview image

Ash ran into Hollie at the gym and went over to her house. Im not sure what they did before I got there but as soon as he had her call me and entice me over with promises of a deep throat blowjob and a banging all over her staricase I rushed over. Boy did I miss those huge juggs and t…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Jordan Jolie

cougars in heat Jordan Jolie preview image

Wow. I knew that the Hunter was famous. But it is a completely other thing when women approach him off the street. Tammy rolled up on us as we were walking towards the car. She recognized the Hunter and was all star struck. Tammy was ready to get on her knees right then and there. Ama…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Katherina

cougars in heat Katherina preview image

There is nothing like picking up a waitress right out of a restaurant. Sometimes you can just tell they are really sick of being there and just want to take off. I started flirting with Kat and got her to sit down and have a beer with me. The beer loossened her up and got her blabberi…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Kayla Carrera

cougars in heat Kayla Carrera preview image

Sometimes it seems like LUCK is my middle name. I go to a local restaurant to meet my boy and get drunk like I do every weekend. And guess what I found. If u guessed a MILF u are only half right. Yeeeah buddy...i got TWO MILFs. A blonde and a 2 favorite flavors. The only …[read more]

Milf Hunter: Kiana

cougars in heat Kiana preview image

After a hard days work all I want to do is kick back with a cold one and chill, but... if there is still a MILF floating around with no cock to suck, I'm forced to leap into action!!! This was the case with Kiana and her husky hooters! I was tired but I knew I had to represent for the…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Kylani Breeze

cougars in heat Kylani Breeze preview image

I am at again! This time I found a hot lawyer in a car wash. I immediately had to pull her aside for a sidebar. A quick peek at her boobs and she passed my BAR exam. Working in a office will never be the same. Come see me bang this hot lawyer in her office like there is no tomorrow. A…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Lexxi

cougars in heat Lexxi preview image

My buddy and I were just hanging out at a local arcade when we saw Val, a long legged luscious MILF, having trouble with a soda machine. I helped her out and my chivalry paid off. She let me take her ona ride that is like some freakin' giant rubber band. That thing flew us up in the a…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Lisa Ann

cougars in heat Lisa Ann preview image

The Hunter asked me to meet up with him because an old friend of his had hit him up for some lunch. I guess she was an old flame and he thought it would make for good footage. So when I show up, there are TWO bad ass milfs with him. Avah and Lisa. Wow. The sexual inuendos carried on t…[read more]

Milf Hunter:

cougars in heat  preview image

My boy Donnie was holding one of his poker games today. He usually invites some nice eye candy to front as dealer. This time he said he something special for me. When I arrived she looked mighty familiar. It turns out I banged her friend a while back. Small world i tell ya. After clea…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Nikole

cougars in heat Nikole preview image

The other day I went to a karate class and I met a super hot MILF. She was there to pick up her son. I gave her the old the MILF hunter charm and a couple hours later she was at my house. I was afraid she wouldnt show but she did. She brought her bikini so hit the pool. I couldnt bele…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Rio Mariah

cougars in heat Rio Mariah preview image

We saw this sexy milf down at the convienence store when we were gettin ice for the pool party this week, and we knew that we had to invite her! She was down from the second she saw me, and was ready to roll instantly. She flew to her house, and grabbed a bikini, and shot over tot the…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Sandra Romain

cougars in heat Sandra Romain preview image

While I was getting a smoothie, to make my load thick, I ran into two old friends or should I say bed buddies. These Milfs, for some reason, looked better than before. I convinced them to take a trip down memory lane with me and let my dick take a trip down their pants once more. I to…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Shyra Sheer

cougars in heat Shyra Sheer preview image

I was cruising with my best pal Ficus and my other good buddy Voodoo. We took the yacht out and were supposed to hook up with some chicks but as soon as they saw the weather they left us high and dry. Now, normally that would stop any man from having a good time, but I am no mere mort…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Sienna West

cougars in heat Sienna West preview image

So the Hunter says he has got two hot ass babes at his place ready and willing for pretty much anything. As soon as I got there, the door was open but there was no one to be found. So I did some exploring that took me up the stairs and into the bedroom. Judging from all the clothing o…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Sienna West

cougars in heat Sienna West preview image

It was a very nice day by the pool and my friend Sienna decided to come check out the back yard. She started to get really hot so i brought the baby oil out. All of a sudden I hear this motorcycle hauling ass. No other than the Hunter himself ready for battle. The Hunter took a look a…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Sophia

cougars in heat Sophia preview image

Sexy, sexy, sexy… is all I have to say about Sophia. I cant tell u how nice her pussy was, u just have to watch her trailer!!! Im serious, u dont just stumble onto pussy like this! Its a talent I have, and seriously, She is all talent!!! As soon as i tasted that Perfectly shaved puss,…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Trina Michaels

cougars in heat Trina Michaels preview image

I love when my phone rings and is two fine ass milfs, calling me to go over and have drinks at the pool with them. I jumped in my car and drove at 90mph in a 35mph zone. This two mommas where hot as hell, and with some huge tits. Once I got there, it didnt took long when I was neck de…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Trinity

cougars in heat Trinity preview image

When i rolld up on these 2 sex pots... i didnt know what to expect. But after 2 minutes with these two freaky babes i knew that i was in for some trouble!!! Trinity and Sally were all about the double team, and they wanted nothing else but a good pussy thrashing, and they wanted it AS…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Veronica

cougars in heat Veronica preview image

Yeeeaaaah man...what a fucking rush. Hunter and I just bagged this hot russian MILF at an indoor flea market. And with little time to spare cuz her kids were around....the MILFhunter banged her in a public bathroom. LOL. We put a chair in the way to block the door and had people const…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Vickie

cougars in heat Vickie preview image

We were just going to the hotel pool to get some sun when we saw this super milf tanning. She was so sexy that i knew no matter what i had to have her. I got her to talkin and it turns out she just got a divorce...jackpot! We went in the hottub a bit and started to flirt a little. Onc…[read more]

Milf Hunter: Victoria

cougars in heat Victoria preview image

My buddy Mike is a major pervert. I asked him to meet me at vickes house so that we can hunt yet another MILF together and the freak decides to spy on us through the backdoor window. Vicke was a bit surprised but once she saw it was a friend of mine she calmed down. We had a couple of…[read more] Review by Rabbits Reviews

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There are 389 movies that you can download in full-length Windows Media or MP4 files, or stream in Flash. The Flash format is the biggest, but the other two video formats give great-quality playback too. Average-looking MPEG formats are also available. Older scenes sometimes only come as clips and they don't look as clear

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In all, MILF Hunter is one of the best mature sites you'll come across and if you aren't a member yet, it's about time you tried it! Just keep in mind that there is a 10GB daily download limit, but that should still add up to a decent amount of porn coming your way each day.
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